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Let's play!

Games are a big part of Camp Kindling. Whatever your family's appetite for competition, there's something for you; be cheered on by the crowd during the Patrol Games, or spend an hour engrossed in your favourite board game. The choice is yours!

Patrol Games

Every evening before the party starts, the 4 Patrols go head to head in all manner of low-stakes, silly challenges in their attempt to win the Kindling Cup. Join the team if you want to compete, or simply watch the madness unfold with a few drinks.

Camp Kindling
Talent Show

This show is all about your little ones! Come along for their chance to show off a special talent. Maybe it's a skill they recently discovered at Camp Kindling! It's time to get on stage, get those talents out and enjoy the fun.

Registrations for the Talent Show will open closer to the event.


Board Games

Want to chill out with some Connect 4? Or how about challenging your family to a mammoth Monopoly session?

Head over to the Board Games tent and take your pick from our huge collection of games. With drinks and snacks available for parents and kids alike, this is a popular hangout spot!

Spontaneous Games

What would life be without a little spontaneity?! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a sudden game of tag in the forest, an epic dance battle in the Discotheque, or a tug-of-war in the Patrol Games Arena.

Got an idea for a game? Grab a Patrol Leader to play along with you, or send a call out to potential players from the Radio Station!