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We attended the 2022 camp as newbies to both camping and the festival. We went as a family with 2 kids, aged 10 and 5. Hopefully this review will be useful to parents thinking of booking.Overall we had the most incredible weekend imaginable and cannot believe how well Camp Kindling lived up to the hype!Activities- wow - the staff were phenomenal in all activities. The creative writing lady Hannah was a favourite of the kids. Mindfulness was one of the best sessions and as a family we loved creating our group piece and forest bathing. Parkour was a favourite too, and I have to say, paper beading was the one thing we’ll be doing at home for months to come, I literally couldn’t drag the kids or myself away! I could go on all day about the quality and quantity of activities but honestly, everyone was just superb. Family members said that archery battles and rifle shooting were very good too. Yes, there was a wait for zorbing, but we waited and the kids loved it, no stress! There simply isn’t time to do everything!Accommodation- we booked boutique camping with a deluxe bell tent. There was a little mix up with our bedding and electricity, but when we told reception it was resolved within the hour and we just managed with the two double beds. The tent was clean, beautifully laid out and we each had a lovely welcome pack of toiletries and a towel waiting for us. There were fairy lights in the tent which made a lovely atmosphere, and lights outside. The field wasn’t as lush as they had hoped due to the drought, however no grass could have covered the large rocks all over the field - only negative there, and my youngest tripped over them constantly. I’ve never camped before and the toilets and showers were fine - we managed and any issues were dealt with swiftly.We were given a lovely welcome drink on arrival of Prosecco.Entertainment was fantastic. The patrol leaders spent all day every day running around to get the kids involved, they were just so involved and making the kids enjoy their time - our badger leader was brilliant with the kids and they loved him. There were high quality acts on the stages and the auditorium- my daughter fan girled so hard for Nick Cope! Kids DMCUK blew us away, when can we see them again?! Yolanda and the band jammers brought the energy and we loved the BeatBox collective and the other acts - something for literally everyone.Food - my 5yo is coeliac and the restrictions on cooking did make it a bit harder, only The Greedy Vegan catered for GF kids (thank you!) so found that tough. Some of the vendors needed to use fly food covers - if you want to charge £3 for a croissant then you need to make sure there aren’t flies sitting on them. Same as other reviews really, we just wanted some healthy food that wasn’t ultra processed at a reasonable price, and drinks less than £3.50 a can. On the plus side, I’ve never craved a salad before… This is down to the individual vendors though. There was indeed variety but maybe I’d have liked to see some food representing black heritage too, especially so close to London.Overall I cannot thank the team enough for the experience. The quality of the staff and the attention to detail are evident, and the sheer effort that every single person put in to make sure you have a great time is second to none. I’m still absolutely buzzing and I hope we can return next year.2023 update - we went back again and had just as much fun, maybe even more because we had encouraged family members to come along.The activities were all different and the kids just loved the forest running around taking part in the patrol games.The entertainment was better than the previous year for us, we partied hard!It’s such a good atmosphere with all the other families and everyone just there to have fun, we loved it.There was way more representation of black businesses and definitely better food options including gluten free.Only downside for me this year was too many influencers there for free taking up slots on popular activities.
An amazing and unique event in a beautiful setting filled with lots of fun activities for the whole family during the day and music/comedy during the night. Would recommend to any family looking for an adventure!
I attended Camp Kindling with my 8-year-old son in August 23, and it was just the perfect playground for us! We enjoyed all of the activities we booked tremendously, from active pursuits like capture the flag to more meditative tasks like origami, and at night we enjoyed a bit of comedy alongside a good dance, with my son making a ton of friends for late night football in a safe environment. As somebody who does not drink I found this festival a breath of fresh air - there was a great, wholesome family environment with so much on offer. I especially loved the amazing DJs that kept the spirits so high! 🙂 We are returning again in 2024 and cannot wait for all the fun on offer.
Brilliant holiday, we had standard tickets which had the perfect balance of activities to chill out time, food was amazing. Patrol leaders are fantastic, just as a heads up make sure you bring soap or hand sanitisers for after the loos
Well worth the money, plenty of great activities for all the family. Take your own food though as it’s quite pricey.
We had THE best time. We signed up on a whim and unfortunately due to some technical issues we really were starting to worry about the weekend. We aren’t seasoned campers, our kids are HARD work right now and due to a really intense work load for both my husband and I, leaving us absolutely exhausted, I just wasn’t sure it was the right thing for us in the end. I cried as we finished packing the car and set off I was so anxious.Oh my goodness, I had no idea what lay ahead. We had the most wonderful time. The kids could just be free, no telling them to be quiet or settle down or temper themselves for the convenience of others, it was one big melting pot of excited kids having a blast. We did fantastic activities we may not have otherwise tried and we had real- PROPER, unfiltered, undisturbed quality time to really connect with our kids in a way our busy lives has left little room for. We ate, danced and sung the weekend away with new friends, fantastic memories and we came straight home and rebooked. I highly recommend. Everyone was just the loveliest, friendliest bunch.
A brilliant festival that caters to children and grown ups alike. Amazing choice of activities, entertainment was enjoyable for all ages including the adults (without the kids even noticing). Great food and facilities too. And a spa! 👏🏻
My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend at Camp Kindling (I think our smiles in the photo say it all!).There are so many positive things to say; from the activities, to the entertainment, the staff and even the other campers!The wide range of activities suited everyone in the family, from the kiddies all the way up to their Nanna. We all got to say that we tried something new.The selection of entertainment over the weekend was perfect; we danced, we laughed and we even squeezed a bit of learning in there too. Then not forgetting about the Patrols, what a brilliant idea, it really helped everyone get in the team spirit and the games were so much fun! My brother and my son even participated in the finale and helped the Stealthy Squirrels become the Camp Kindling Champions!One thing that particularly made my weekend was the staff, they were all so lovely and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as well. Both of my children have additional needs and the staff were always amazing with them!Then finally just the overall feel and ambience around Camp Kindling was so friendly, welcoming and inclusive, it is hard to explain but it felt like we were all part of the same community and everyone was just so happy to be there.So if you are 'umming and ahing' about going next year then I'd like to recommend you just do it, you will not be disappointed!Finally thank you to everyone at Camp Kindling for such an awesome weekend!
We absolutely love Camp Kindling!! As a family of four with 2 children aged 4 and 18 months there was something for everyone to enjoy. I am always amazed by the range of activities, and how much there is to see and do over the course of the weekend. The whole festival just has the most wonderful atmosphere, I feel so safe that my children can just run around and explore. All the festival goers are so friendly, and we always make the best friends whilst we are there.
Didn't know what to expect going for the first time, but my son loved it so much. Will be back next year
This was our first experience of Camp Kindling and I can't believe we had not been sooner! We had the most amazing family weekend. Everything from arrival, to toilet / shower facilities, to activities were all well thought out and executed to the highest standard. We had the best weekend, spending time and trying something new together. We loved the raft building and my daughter could not get enough of the Patrol Games... Go Badgers!! We've told everyone we know about this magical place and we can't wait to go back.
It was magical and we were so lucky with the weather. A beautiful location and we loved that the focus was time spent creating memories with our little ones instead of being on our phones. There were plenty of free activities and even with the queues moved pretty swiftly. The credited activities were spot on for the age range & bee keeping was really insightful & fun. Food to buy on-site & evening entertainment are aplenty, from patrol games, dance music to the games room. The music was spot on. It was like reliving my 20s. There was so much on offer that we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it all. Also, the location was spot on, spacious so it didn’t feel overcrowded. We’re planning to upgrade our tent next year and hopefully the little one will be able to stay up for longer! Can’t wait! Thanks Camp Kindling! 🏕
The most fun you can have in one weekend with your kids!!
A fantastic experience for the whole family. Great activities and evening entertainment. What a lovely weekend!
Such a good festival. So much to do not only for the kids but also adults too! Left feeling fulfilled!
Amazingly brilliant 👏 We've booked again for next year already. Thank you for the wonderful memories ❤️
The best weekend ever, for Children and adults alike! It was a very special weekend exploring and creating so many new experiences and memories with my 5 year old boy! He got to do more than we could have ever imagined. Every element made sense, completely stress free and just FUN!Cannot wait for next year.
Absolutely magical weekend full of fun. My 7 year old loved it, the activities are great and the whole atmosphere so friendly and welcoming.
Really good event, well organised and great fun for kids & big kids alike 🙂
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Literally my dream holiday⛺️Still suffering with the holiday blues 3 weeks later 🤣 Set in the most beautiful secret forest, with amazing activities, awesome staff, great music and entertainment and the nicest bunch of people. The whole experience was magical from start to finish and we can't wait to come back! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I have to admit jam packed activities for 2 days that don’t come easy for the parents, but kids loved the atmosphere surrounded by the nature wood land and the vibes created by the event teams. The team games in the late afternoon were fun to take part in.Particularly my daughter loves musics and dancing, so many kids discos activities for her to enjoy the experience. Some activities def need encourage to do but they are fantastic experience to let children test their physical strengths.One thing we didn’t do due to the weather condition is the hot ballon, so hope that we would be able to do so next time.One comment is that the activity Enrolment ahead of the weekend is a bit chaotic, not just because of the technical issue but also we were only informed two days before the opening, but I had to go away to somewhere in a different time zone and some friends could not get accesses via mobile. There are not enough spaces or sessions to let most people secure bookings.In the camp site, the showers and toilet facilities fell short to meet the demand of campers, either we didn’t get toilet papers replenished quick enough or the ground under the washing basins got incredibly muddy after an over night rain - something I wish I can see improvement next time.
Amazing beyond words! One of the best things I’ve ever done with my girls (9&11). Highly recommended! If you get the chance to do it…do it!!
This has become an important place for our kids to learn, grow and embrace the incredible kindness we are all capable of. Been a very tough year for my youngest (10) and last year her emotions took over during tree climbing. She was determined to ring that cowbell this year and she did, all by herself, for herself. Not sure any other place could have given her such confidence, to be her best self. Thank you incredible people of Wildkind for creating a festival of pure joy xxx
LITERALLY .. the best place ever!!! I believe every single child should get to experience this atleast once within their childhood .. it’s what dreams are made of. Such a good experience to have with my 3 boys, lifetime memories made and a great relationship bond builder with my children.
First time I had been with my sister, nephew and my son . Best camping trip ever and would recommend to everyone.Something for all the family and special memories to be made.Never a dull moment and all facilities were spot on. Thank you Camp Kindling , see you soon
A new experience every year, the happiness on the face of my children is something that I love really, recommended for everyone who wants to have some beautiful memories. See you next year.. 😎
My kids love camp kindling, it’s amazing form all the adventure in the day till dancing the night away
What can I say about Camp Kindling, it was incredible! By far the best place I have ever taken my children and tops any other holidays we have ever had! Why? Because it offers families a captivating outdoor retreat that caters to all age groups, providing an idyllic setting for multigenerational bonding and exploration of the natural world. Nestled in the countryside in Kent just 20 minutes from our home, this camp was the perfect destination to disconnect from screens and for my whole family to immerse ourselves in a diverse array of activities that promote unity, personal development, and a chance to embrace the simplicity of life outdoors.We stayed in the Boutique Camping which was equipped with clean showers and toilets with no queues making it perfect for families with little ones. It also had a pampering tent providing a place to dry and straighten my hair, do my make up and even charge my phone!Camp Kindling's activities were carefully curated to accommodate a variety of interests and ages. From traditional outdoor pursuits like hiking and campfires to tailored workshops on wilderness survival skills and family-friendly nature crafts, the camp ensured that every family member found an activity to cherish. Knowledgeable instructors lead these engaging experiences, infusing each session with enthusiasm and expertise. We enjoyed all the activities we took part in and the majority of these were drop-ins but with no queues! The boys were kept busy all day long, they enjoyed zorbing, nerf gun wars, rock climbing wall, crazy golf, mask and flag making, the water slide, t-shirt making and a scavenger hunt! All of which were included in the price, making Camp Kindling great value for money.A standout highlight of Camp Kindling was its focus on building family bonds! Through team challenges and interactive games, as a family we had the opportunity to discover the joys of working together. The camp's supportive environment encouraged each family member to step beyond our comfort zone, cultivating newfound skills and boosting self-confidence all while deepening our connection with the natural environment. In our party we had people aged between 4 and 68!The entertainment don’t stop in the evening, the evening was packed with entertainment including games and discos! The best bit being that the music was music that the adults could enjoy too.Camp Kindling provided a wide variety of different foods to try and every place we ate from was so so good!Overall, Camp Kindling (situated in Kent) is the perfect place to enable you to create an enriching and memorable outdoor experience with the whole family! With a mix of nature-inspired activities, skilled instructors, and a strong focus on family bonding, the camp offers families an exceptional opportunity to create lasting memories, strengthen relationships, and enjoy the great outdoors providing a break from screens. We will 100% be coming back next year!
Absolutely magical, loved creating amazing memories with my little ones. Will return next year.
Absolutely loved it. We have already booked our tickets for next year, it is SO worth the price, we were spoilt for choice on all the different activities that were there, the atmosphere was friendly and safe. We didn't want to come home, I wish it could have been a little longer 😂 Even if you're not someone that likes camping, you will love this!!!
Absolutely fantastic weekend!!
Loved loved loved. Enjoyed every minute of this being able to see, so many people bond, with limited device use and have fun and share their reasons why they've attended or returned for another year.Wish the food section has more cultural food maybe Caribbean or African stations. Definitely return regardless.
A magical weekend away from it all. So hard to describe this festival - there is truly something for everyone and we had ages from 2-44 and several neurospicy attendees in our group. So much fun, a great camp spirit and more and more to try next year. It is not cheap, but worth every single penny. We’ve made memories for life. Highly recommend
Absolutely loved Camp Kindling 2023! What a weekend. So easy, SO friendly and tons to do. The food was all reasonably priced and delicious. Toilets and showers were brilliant and the entertainment was so much fun. There was lots included in the ticket price and plenty of extras to add on if you wanted to. We never felt pestered for money though which is especially good with kids in tow. We'll definitely be back!
My little family had the most magical weekend at Camp Kindling. We have a one year old but still managed to get stuck into the amazing variety of drop in activities and were just buzzing from the atmosphere the whole time. Incredible staff, gorgeous location, beautiful decor and set up. The evening music was definitely a highlight for us, so many great acts, and a great mixture of live instrumentalists and Djs. Felt like I got to relive my childhood for the weekend! Thank you Camp Kindling! 🧚🧡
What an amazing experience- beautiful location in the forest, great selection of activities and well organised with super friendly staff. It never felt too busy but had a brilliant atmosphere! Thank you Camp Kindling!
Amazing time - both my fiancé and little one loved it. All happens in a beautiful environment and the activities are fantastic
Just come back from a fabulous weekend at Camp Kindling! We had two five year olds who absolutely loved it, and equally enjoyed the planned activities as much as running through the forest exploring! The facilities were great, the staff amazing and a tasty range of food and drink onsite to keep us energised! Thanks Camp Kindling 🙌
Just got home after a fantastic weekend at Camp Kindling! It’s our second time and the improvements made since 2022 are brilliant! General camping moved to the other side of the forest and had a much more festival vibe! People chatting, sharing and helping each other out! Hope to see all the Badgers next year!Facilities - the loo’s and showers were always attended to even at midnight when everyone is heading back after the music. Always someone nearby cleaning or handing out loo roll! Showers are much better than last year too! Cleaned all the time and loads of hot water! Washing up was done in cold water but everyone was so friendly and happy to chat. Microwave and a kettle were available but being able to use your own stove at your tent is much easier.I have to give a special mention to the father and son who tirelessly emptied the bins- pink baseball caps! Absolutely fantastic job!Activities & staff: yes some activities were fully booked and it was difficult if you were on the waiting list but staff always tried to get people on activities. There are so many things to do that are just turn up you don’t need to worry. Pendant flag making was a massive hit! So much so the staff had to run out to get more glue from the shops! Climbing wall and the jump always had a queue. Patrol leaders were always around and never seemed to stop they were fantastic! You need to join the games each evening and don’t miss the camp photo!Food: Really good mix of food available! Big shout out to the coffee tent at General camping opened at 7am and always had a queue, most parents were seen (including me) strolling up in our PJ and jumpers to get the coffee fix! Full English breakfast, pastries freshly baked onsite! Bubble tea was a big hit too as well as pizza, burgers, Moroccan food! So many, with halal, gluten free and vegan catered for. It is festival/ outing prices but that’s what you would expect.I would 100% recommend this weekend to anyone with children! Get the kids away from the PS and TV and they will make friends, try new things and have an amazing time! Parents they will honestly be knackered every night - you will too after dancing until 11pm and running round and doing things!
Great experience for the kids, but beware food is extortionate and small portions but very high quality. It says you can't bring burners but I saw plenty, the one microwave and kettle is on hand if you knew about it. So bring your own snacks and food. Or lots of money. And no phone charging stations so print everything not much help when you're looking for spaces and waiting lists in the day tho. Booked in for an activity that wasn't even on and the hot air balloon was a fail. That said it's a great weekend given what was organised that's not a lot to complain about!!..music and bands was on point and activities for the kids so it was worth it. Definitely going back!
Such a magical experience! We had such a wonderful time at Camp Kindling - the atmosphere is so welcoming and joyful and choice of activities has something for everyone
Really lovely day out in some beautiful woodlands. The whole place has a magical feeling, loads to see and do, can’t wait for next year!

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