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Mothers Meeting

What if becoming a mum wasn't the end, but rather the beginning?  What if this was your chance to transform the way you live - from your work to your friendships? 

The stepping stone between isolation and success (be that 'success' as a stay-at-home mum or as a bad-ass career woman, or something between) is connection. And that, my friend, is where Mothers Meeting steps in. 

Whether you are looking for like-minded mamas to Whatsapp at 3am, or a business mentor to help you realise your kicking career ambitions, Mothers Meeting is a powerful and empowering network of thousands of women worldwide who can support you on this new journey, and we were thrilled be joined by Jenny Scott, Founder, and Katy Worwood, CEO, for a vibrant and engaging discussion at Camp Kindling 2022.